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BNP Paribas: Cortex FX


We were asked to create an outer space blockbuster(!) animation for BNP Paribas, to promote their ground breaking new Cortex FX platform and their equally impressive A.I. personal digital assitant, ALiX.

As part of this project, we created the logo for ALiX (the green 'flame' in a cirlce), which has been used across all channels. It was even exported as an animated gif and used on all client facing software!

This animation itself was to be used on their website, at sales presentations, on event stands, as an introduction for keynote speakers, and for use on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

How was it used?

The logo we created was rolled out as the ALiX brand company wide:

It was used on the homepage:

At events globally:

To introduce various keynote speakers:

And to open the launch day for the financial press, at BNP Paribas' head office in London.
This resulted in coverage from the below publications within the first few days:

LinkedIn advertising was also part of the strategy for the campaign. A-B testing was conducted to fine tune the performance of the video - with a shorter 15 second version being selected for the final version:

The logo was also used on all the software too, to show when ALiX was 'thinking' or 'speaking' (please note this is a stripped back interface, as we cannot show in it's entirety due to client privacy agreements):

Project Stills