HG Labs

Ideas / R&D

3D Fractal brand ident for Higher Ground

We've been pushing forward with our use of 3D, as well as textures and typography and created this HG brand ident.

Grunge Skateboard Sting

The aim here was to explore 'Grunge' using a real mix of different media including 3D objects, video and static images.

HG Labs - Netflix teaser test project

This builds on the below HG Labs test, to make a more compelling, longer 'Netflix trailer' style test project. This one uses custom Cinema 4D object, texture, volumetric lighting, smoke and all the bells and whistles - plus a full on sound effects backing.

VFX - 3D bridge model, and post production in After Effects

This cool little 'Netflix trailer' test project uses a Cinema 4D object, with heavy atmosphere and texture treatment to add a real mood. Some chromatic aboration and blur was also used, with sound effects, to add a bit of suspense!

VFX - Angel with Light Saber Effect

Here we took a photo of an Angel, which was cut out from the background, adjusted lighting, camera movement, added smoke and animated lines with glow. Looks pretty epic we think...

Bird in motion

Playing with reptition of 2D graphics, in 3D space, with added VFX, with some glitching and chromatic abberation.


Brings life and interest to simple flat 2D objects.

Retro spinning cube with VHS glitch

After watching TRON recently, I started to feel a little nostalgic... :)

Voyager space station mockup

Combining After Effects with Cinema 4D, and adding some texture and camera movement and shake for realism.

3D and video - Motion Tracking and Rotoscoping

Video shot and motion graphics added and tracked in 3D space for a futuristic / tech feel.

2.5D - Radio waves and camera angles

Background grid, with radio waves emitting on top of it. With glow and nice camera angles

Simple 3D objects and camera movement

Cinema 4D test project

Flicker and Glitch - mixed media

Rapid retro TV style glitch logo reveal

VFX - Green Screen Internal Test.

Within After Effects, we built upon the previous HG Labs Orb project (you can see this further down the page) and we took a happy little green screen floaty spaceman and dropped the poor little fella in deep space. On his own. Forever.

Film Credit Concept

Using 3D objects within Red Giant Trapcode Form, we explored the use of minimal text, and cinematic camera movement to create a simple 'film credit' animation

Video with 3D assets and an animated 2D screen.

WHAT: This brings together a few of our test projects. We combined a filmed office environment, with a tracked 3D object (a phone), and a 2D screenshot from a website (the HG Labs page from our website).
WHY: This approach could be used to great effect for many of our clients - where an app or key message could animate from any asset found in a typical working or professional environment. The possibilities are endless and pretty exciting here.

VFX - 3D light particles in a pre filmed 2D video

We used Trapcode Particular to animate a stream of light particles around a bankers head to show how you can create the impression of 3D elements within a pre filmed 2D video.

3D Modelling Displacement

Taking a sphere, we have been playing with how it can morph into various shapes.

3D Hollywood logo reveal

Created using Element 3D, After Effects and Cinema 4D. This 5 second logo reveal aims to have some good old fashioned super hero gravitas

A short animation using Cinema 4D and After Effects

We wanted to play around with some C4D modelling, lighting, geometry and physics. So, naturally, we made a scene and blew it up. What do you think?

VFX - Planet Higher Ground

Massively power tripping creating our own planet in After Effects. All set for any inter planetary Hollywood Films Directors to come calling now.

4K Video Testing: Using the new 2 camera 4K studio set up

WHAT: A friend of the Creative Director runs a law firm, and was happy to let us test out the new equipment for a short promotional video on his company.
WHY: We used a two camera set up for the interview, to add interest to the spoken segment and also implemented slow motion, used a slider and embraced some pull focus to add atmosphere to the B-Roll shots too. A one day shoot and one day edit - turned out well!

Special effects: 3D Object and Video Combined

WHAT:Here we placed a (fairly random!) 3D object in a moving filmed video. This chess set was placed on top of the magazine on the chair and colour corrected and manipulated in 3D space to appear 'real'.
WHY: This approach can open up a whole range of options for our clients. We can place any object within a 'real world' filmed environment and manipulate it as we see fit. We could have a mini city on a desk - or an app 'exploding' out of a laptop which leaps off a desk and spins in mid air (for example.... :-)).

Motion Graphics and Video Combined: Using 2D text in a 3D orientation on filmed video

WHAT: Here we use 2D text to live in a 'real world' scenario - so merge the capability of Motion Graphics with the reality of filmed video.
WHY: This can really combine the two media well - and aid the communication of filmed video to those viewing without sound - or to add an exciting option for making messaging more creative and engaging.

Motion Graphics: Using Triangulation graphics with depth of field to add a more engaging background and environment

WHAT: Here we used a complex triangulation effect to create a virtual 3D environment, to provide a branded and 'other worldly' backdrop to our title text.
WHY: Creating a virtual environment like this can help the text to stand out, whilst creating an impressive background and grabbing attention.

3D and Video Combined: Placing designed 2D or 3D objects 'within' real world videos

WHAT: Here we have used SFX to add a huge billboard poster on to the front of a skyscraper. This initial video was filmed with a drone - and we have added the banner subsequently.
WHY: Again - this offers a real WOW factor and can really bring a whole creative world to life - opening up a whole range of possibilities.

3D Modelling: Creating a bespoke environment and animation in 3D

WHAT: With 3D modelling and animation, we can transport the viewer into another world. One of our making.
WHY: It creates a truly immersive environment with added 'wow' factor. It also opens up a whole other dimension of creative options through which we can communicate the message and story we wish to tell.

Motion graphics & Video Combined: the actor draws and interacts with assets on screen

WHAT: Here we quickly show that the 'actor' in the video can perform actions, which we can then create motion graphics on top of. Here we draw and activate a play button (very quickly!).
WHY: This is a great way of combining motion graphics with a real life scenario - and it opens the door to many other commercial options.

Motion graphics & Video Combined: Use of masks on Multiple video layers

WHAT: Here we choose two complimentary video layers, and use masks (on the HIGHER GROUND letters in this instance) to reveal the layer benath.
WHY: This is another good way to add a bit of 'wow' factor to simple on screen text.

Motion graphics: Use of depth of field on text in 3D sphere

WHAT: Here we use the camera to fly around simple text laid out in 3D space. We also use light bursts and depth of field to give it a more life-like feel and an enhanced sense of perspective.
WHY: This is a great way to give real 'wow' factor to client videos where there isn't a lot of graphical content available. In this format, simple text can still be exciting visually to the viewer.


WHAT: Here we wanted to play with extruded 3D text and use camera movement to fly around and through it.
WHY: This approach is relatively straight forward, yet adds a real sense of scale and importance to the text. Pretty impactful visually we think. This was supposed to be a test project - but we liked it so much we put it in the HG Labs intro video :).

Higher Ground laboratories - introduction

Higher Ground Labs is our playground. This is where we try out new ideas, concepts, technology and approaches. These aren't polished projects, these aren't based on client briefs, some of these may not even be that good! But if we think it could be the seed of a good idea for us or our clients, it lives here.

If you work at a company with a strict firewall, and the Vimeo videos below are being blocked - you can visit our Vimeo channel directly.