Our Services

Create and visualise your message

We are focused on finding you the best 'Big Idea' for your company or campaign.
The perfect story & visuals to resonate with your audience using:

Motion Graphics & animation

With Motion Graphics and Animation you are hindered only by your imagination. Taking characters, text, graphics, scenes, whether they be in 2D or 3D, or mixed with video. You can always tell a compelling and captivating story.

Film, post & vfx

We can make a corporate video if you like, but we can also create more engaging content with visual effects, motions graphics and post production 'pazzaz'! With video, the creativemore you put in, the more you get out. We think video should be more 'Netflix' than corporate.

DESIGN & infographics

Sometimes you also need static design, such as infographics, adverts or banners, to help take your message to some of the places that video can't go. And what's great is that 9/10 you can use the story and graphics from the video to do it.

Make sure everyone can find you when they need you

The best digital content deserves the best marketing.
So lets get your message out there!

Website & landing pages

Typically, the website is the first place clients want us to place their content. Ensuring it's available to all 24/7. We can also be more targetted and 'salesy' as required, with additional landing pages too.

email, search & social

Once you have your content on your website, then it's imperative to ensure the right people visit. So we can help you to use HTML email, SEO, PPC Advertising and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook etc) to increase traffic.

events & PR

The right content can be the difference at events too, a video on your exhibition stand, or to introduce a keynote speaker for instance. Press and PR events can also benefit massively too.

The Process

At Higher Ground we start by listening to what you want, and then figuring out what you need from there.

We don't try to find a product and fit you to that. Everything we create is bespoke to you, to help tell your story and get the results you need.

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How We Work



We have a workshop with you to figure out what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and how you would like them to react.



Following that, we craft and define your story. We find the magic recipe or creative idea to form the basis of our solution and strategy.



Then we start to create your visuals. Imagery to capture your message and the get the response you need from your audience.



And finally we bring it to life, and put it out there to get results, inline the strategy we agreed with you. We then evolve and tweak.