Our Work

Linklaters: Activism Rising

As part of their thought leadership work, we helped Linklaters produce this animation on Corporate Activism. We needed to tell the story in a compelling way, to capture existing and new client's attention.

This campaign worked well, as the visuals were used on the Linklaters' homepage, as the lead item on a company wide email campaign, various infographics for PDF download and printed collateral, and the campaign even ended up being used by CNBC on their evening news slot! Click here to see the case study section on it.

How was it used?

The Activism Rising animation was rolled out across a number of differnet on and offline channels.
Primarily it was used at the top of the Thought Leadership homepage:

But it was also used to create static content which populated the HTML email campaign to all clients:

These images from the video, were then also used to create an infographic for both PDF download and print:

And last but not least, the coverage worked so well, the story was picked up and used by CNBC on their evening news:

Project Stills