Higher Ground laboratories - introduction

Higher Ground Labs is our playground. This is where we try out new ideas, concepts, technology and approaches. These aren't polished projects, these aren't based on client briefs, some of these may not even be that good! But if we think it could be the seed of a good idea for us or our clients, it lives here.

Motion graphics & Video Combined: Use of masks on Multiple video layers

WHAT: Here we choose two complimentary video layers, and use masks (on the HIGHER GROUND letters in this instance) to reveal the layer benath.
WHY: This is another good way to add a bit of 'wow' factor to simple on screen text.

Motion graphics: Use of depth of field on text in 3D sphere

WHAT: Here we use the camera to fly around simple text laid out in 3D space. We also use light bursts and depth of field to give it a more life-like feel and an enhanced sense of perspective.
WHY: This is a great way to give real 'wow' factor to client videos where there isn't a lot of graphical content available. In this format, simple text can still be exciting visually to the viewer.


WHAT: Here we wanted to play with extruded 3D text and use camera movement to fly around and through it.
WHY: This approach is relatively straight forward, yet adds a real sense of scale and importance to the text. Pretty impactful visually we think. This was supposed to be a test project - but we liked it so much we put it in the HG Labs intro video :).